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Interconnects and Speaker Wire

Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative offers two levels of interconnecting cables:

Neon Green Cables

Composed of dual symmetrically isolated shielded wire and high quality teflon insulated gold plated ends. This shield is grounded at the source end only, to minimize inductance. All four ends are soldered to the wire, the ends being connected together with 4% silver solder only. These cables compare sonically with other cables sold in the $200-$300 range.

Neon Green Interconnects: $55 a pair for 3 ft

Neon Green Interconnects: $65 a pair for 5 ft.


Alpha Cables

At the highest level, we have also developed a conceptually new interconnect which, due to utilization of the improved proprietary modification, it not only has a stunning new level of performance, with transparent clarity, along with a richer deeper bass response than the Cobra Cables of Dave's era possessed; because of its uniquely simplified design, we are able to offer this amazing cable for a substantially reduced price of only $150.00 per pair (Dave's top of the line Cobra Audio Cables were previously $300.00 pr ). We recently ran across a superior 75 ohm RCA end that is cleaner, and adds more top and bottom and end extension. Now premium performance cables are truly affordable - which is in line with Dave's philosophy of making truly premium quality audio (and video) more accessible to more people.

"A noticable increase in bass. A more natural and neutral sound. Better vocal intelligibility and intonation. A more open and airy sound. Smoother and higher highs. More details and presence, and better resolution."


Wenatchee, WA

Top level Alpha Cables: $150.00 a pair

Speaker Cables


Premium Speaker Cable

The speaker cable sold by Stereo Dave's is a multistranded bundled 99.999 percent pure (five nines pure) oxygen free copper wire. The cables are encased in a high dielectric insulator. The ends of the speaker cables are terminated with silver solder to further improve electron flow. The cable compares very favorable with cables selling for $10.00 a foot. This speaker cable is very neutral and balanced, being neither bright nor soft.

Premium Speaker Cable: Call for pricing.

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