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CD Clarity

(As Recommended by Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound for Optimal SACD Playback)

CD Clarity, invented by the late Dave Herren, is a light blue, nontoxic, non-alcohol based fluid, that performs a number of important functions. When applied on and wiped around the playing surface (the shiny side) of CD's DVD's, Blu-Ray, LD's, Records and CD-ROMS:

Because of its performance in the above areas, CD Clarity improves the intensity of the laser beam on the disc, resulting in a more accurate reading of the information on the disc. And with CD Clarity, tracks on discs that were previously scratched, either skipping or not playing at all are now playable with a great decrease and minimization of the above noted interfering factors, there is less interference and filtering on and in the the polycarbonate coating of the disc, resulting in the increased transparency of that coating which allows "a more intense laser light to 'spot light' the area to the be read" and in the case of a CD, extract more music with more clarity. For the listener this means an improved frequency response, more detail, and better dynamic range." The overbrightness and harshness of some CD's and DVD's is noticeably decreased, resulting in a more natural smoothness and improved clarity and definition. For DVD's, CD Clarity by itself improves subtly, but noticeably, picture quality in several aspects, as in improved detail and clarity.


To apply, spray CD Clarity on three spots on the shiny playing side of the disc, wiping it around the disc with a good quality toilet tissue or a soft cotton cloth. You may use a new area of the cloth to completely remove the left over fluid. Using CD Clarity once will clean, fill and protect your CD, DVD or CD-ROM. But for optimized sound or picture quality, you need to spray CD Clarity whenever you listen to a CD or watch a DVD. Even though the CD Clarity may have been applied recently, static electricity and "hot spots" build up quickly, interfering with optimal sound and picture. Each application of CD Clarity removes the hot spots and static electricity, resulting in a noticeable improved sound and picture quality each time you watch or listen.

A CD Clarity spray bottle contains enough fluid for application on 200 CD's, so one bottle lasts a good long time. My recommendation is to try CD Clarity, and for 3 cents each time you'll be amazed at the difference in what you can see and hear. CD Clarity sells for $15.95 a bottle plus (which includes the cloth) less than $3.00 shipping and handling in the USA.

For more information read "The CD Clarity Process" by Dave Herren

Read a review on CD Clarity from Greg Weaver, Frm Editor of the

My Personal Experience with CD Clarity by Rick Scoggin

I have used CD Clarity for some time now on music CD's. My family and many others have all been able to tell the difference before and after application. There is a significant difference in the improved clarity and definition, while decreasing the harshness and brightness on the top end. The strings and higher frequencies are less harsh and easier to listen to. The most dramatic example of how CD Clarity performs came when I bought Martha Agerich's 1995 performance, with the Berlin Philharmonic of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, on Deutsche Grammophon, from a used CD store, after looking for it for ages. But when I got home, it apparently had been scratched so severely that it wouldn't play in a number of places. I was pretty despondent about having to return this hard to find, tremendous performance, when I thought about applying CD Clarity, which I did. When I put it in the CD player again, it played perfectly, and has ever since.

For a while I only applied CD Clarity once to each CD, not taking into account the sound degradation that occurs as the static electricity and "hot spots" build up on the CD. But then when I started using CD Clarity each time I listened to a CD, I was amazed at how the sound was totally refreshed and made clean each time. And also having had the CD Clarity Pen (applied previously) used together each time with the high performance fluorescent light, the sound improvement and the increased amount of music and the detail that I hear, compared to before the treatment, is stunning.

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CD Clarity (2 oz bottle)

CD Clarity with a Cotton Flannel Clothe (Preferably a soft flat baby flannel)
(We have found cotton works the best with CD Clarity)


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