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Genesis Series 12" Downward Firing Point Source Monitor Subwoofers with modified 300 Watt RMS at 4 ohms Outboard Amplifier

Design and Specifications:

This subwoofer is a downward firing design, with a specially modified woofer for optimal sound. A forward pointing woofer, as is the case with most subwoofers sold, degrades the sound quality of the left and right speakers. The reason for not using a forward mounted woofer, is that as the woofer points into the room, toward the listener, and the cone moves, this cone movement will cause a pressure wave to be present. This cone movement movement, or pressure wave may not have a musical origin, which would detract from the subtle musical presentation of the Creation Series Speakers' capabilities. When directing the woofer downward, the non musical air movement is absorbed by the room, without pointing directly at the listener.

It has a tuned enclosure for maximum bass performance with minimum interference with the left and right speakers. All internal cabinet resonances have been minimized to maximize transient response, dynamic range, musical quality, and musical presentation. By minimizing all internal cabinet resonances, the woofer becomes very powerful and accurate. The cabinet itself is made of the same non-resonant recycled natural composite that our speakers are now composed of. This material we have found for the subwoofers provides them with better transient response (quicker) and better bass frequency depth. The cycilic movement of the cone is extremely accurate and extremely fast to the degree that the listener can feel the actual vibration of the organ note or the bowed bass note. Accuracy of the woofer for audio / video applications is second to none. Proprietary processes that are used on the dynamic driver, and cabinet are part of the accuracy that will be noticed in all bass note reproduction.

An outboard amplifier is used to minimize the magnetic effects from the woofer magnet to the electronic circuitry. The outboard amplifier has a variable volume control and a variable frequency control from 25 to 120 Hz. It also has a continuously variable phase control so the subwoofer may be more perfectly tuned to whatever location in the room you want to place it . The amplifier also comes with controls for bass depth and damping factor, which can be quite useful in different room circumstances. The subwoofer produces a very tight deep dynamic (punch) and has a very fast transient response. It does not change or distort the music, but reproduces it. Its performance is better than subwoofers costing thousands more.


Image from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. Taken by Rick SchmidtGenesis 12J Subwoofer: This cabinet is a made of a special natural composite material, which we have found enables us to have superior sound even compared to our previous double walled models of subwoofers. This new composite causes the subwoofer to have reduced cabinet resonance, adding to the accuracy, transparency, and tightness of the bass; as well as giving the woofer added bass extension. The top is coated in the same deep piano black finish as our reference Creation 650K Speakers (also available in matte black as well), making this a very desireable piece.

Price: $895 plus shipping and handling

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