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Modified Stereo Receivers

Harman Kardon HK 3490

The stock unit once again is rather neutral sounding and fairly detailed piece. We notice some slight harshness on the top, with a substantial amount of bass on the bottom (which could possibly be more defined).

Modification: The modification of this unit improves many of the same areas as it's surround receiver counterpart, as they are of the same brand of receiver and have many of the same sound characteristics. The more I listen to the modified HK 3490, I am convinced that it is a better unit than the modified HK 3485. It is more dynamic, more transparent and has superior location to the modified HK 3485, which is an excellent unit. It also has more of a depth and width in the stage. This is an extremely clean unit when modified. The modification to the HK 3490 cleans up the bass, improves the width and depth of the soundfield (along with location), improves the overall clarity of the unit (while giving more "air" to the piece which improves extension and smoothness on the top end), gives the unit a more spacious, penetrating sound, and improves the transient response of the piece. Midrange is also markedly improved and gives the receiver a sweet, but yet very detailed sound. This powerful, yet very clean unit like its counterpart competes and bests amplifiers and receivers that are thousands more in cost.

(Feel free to find units at a cheaper price if you can find them or send your own in to be modified. We also as previously mentioned will modify older models such as the HK 3480, HK 3485 if you have them available or find good prices on them.
Prices on stock units are subject to change based on distributor/online pricing and availability, as prices online often fluctuate. If you find a cheaper price on the unit, we would love to hear about it. )

Feel Free to Purchase by Phone Contact Numberor by secure online payment below.

Modified HK 3490 Receiver
(We can modify various makes and models of receivers (for example, AVR 347, 445, 646, 745) and even separates.)

$814 NEW (Can change with online price fluctuations and sales) with FREE Shipping (Custom made brass jumpers valued at $30 included for $15 with modification price)

$680 on manufacturer B-stock units (Units that have been factory repaired and have the same warranty as new units) with FREE shipping and brass jumpers included. Check in with us for current pricing and availability as these units are not always available.

Custom Hand-made Jumpers (cotton isolated and composed of brass ends) : $15
(price when included with modification of stereo receiver- $30 if sold individually
These jumpers are identical to my reference Alpha Cables.

"A noticable increase in bass. A more natural and neutral sound. Better vocal intelligibillity and intonation. A more open and airy sound. Smoother and higher highs. More details and presence, and better resolution."

Wenatchee, WA

Custom Hand-Made Jumpers
(Individual Sale, without a modification)

$30 per pair plus Shipping and Handling in Continental USA

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