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Harman Kardon AVR Receiver Modifications


In Dave's estimation, Harman Kardon was the one audio company making receivers that he felt really cared about the sound coming out of their units at the time. The stock unit is a very neutral-sounding and fairly detailed piece. Unlike many companies, Harman Kardon makes all their levels of receivers with full-frequency outputs, therefore giving you a wider, full-frequency range. Other companies start giving you full bandwidth at around $1,200$2,000.

Pre-modification sound: Harman Kardon receivers tend to have a slightly muddy, amorphous bass and a slightly bright top-end sound. Location is good, but not outstanding. Midrange is good and has a neutral sound.

Modification: The modification to this unit cleans up the bass (extends frequency depth and gives the bass improved power and impact), improves the width and depth of the sound field (along with location), improves the overall clarity of the unit, gives the unit a more spacious, penetrating sound, and improves the transient response of the piece. The top end has more air and bloom, and the previous slight harshness becomes non-existent. This highly dynamic and detailed receiver competes with and bests amplifiers and receivers that cost thousands more.

(Feel free to find units at a cheaper price if you can find them or send your own in to be modified.
Prices on stock units are subject to change based on distributor/online pricing and availability. )

Feel Free to Purchase by Phone Contact Numberor by Paypal below.

Modification to a Harman Kardon AVR Receiver (not including purchase price of the unmodified unit, which will vary depending on model and pricing at time of purchase)

$350 which includes FREE Shipping and Handling in the Continental USA

(We can modify many makes and models of receivers, amplifiers, and separates. Call for pricing and availability.)

We are currently modifying Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, Harman Kardon, Paradigm, and others

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