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	Dave was born in 1951 in Portland where he graduated 
from Benson Polytechnic High School in 1969. While attending
Benson, Dave developed an interest in electronics, which 
became his life-long passion.

	After studying engineering for 2 years at the 
University of Portland, Dave began his working career at 
several home audio stores selling equipment.

	In 1977, he opened a store of his own -- The Audio 
Alternative in  Portland -- which he operated until his 

	For more than 25 years, The Audio Alternative, one of 
the oldest audio stores in Oregon, was a weekly gathering 
place for the area's audiophiles. These were not people
looking to spend thousands upon thousands for the latest 
system but hobbyists who came looking for some sage advice 
from "Stereo Dave" whose reputation as an inventor of 
audio gear enhancements was widely known and respected. 
At the Audio Alternative, Dave would not sell any 
component that he wouldn't put in his own system.

	Always an innovator, Dave developed and manufacture
d several lines of speakers. He also had many other 
hobbies including automobile restoration, Japanese 
landscaping, and designing and constructing ponds and

Stereo Dave
Stereo Dave

	Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative is now
a business operated by Dave's family, friends,
and former employees, in his memory. We sell 
only components and products, which when 
modified, produce the highest level of sound
and performance possible at a reasonable 
affordable cost; at the same time, utilizing
"Stereo Dave's" philosophy, in regards to audio 
equipment and modifications, the simplest 
solution is usually the best and truest.  

	We also provide Stereo Dave's Forum, a place 
where anyone is welcome to stop in talk 
about whatever audio related topic is on their 

	Throughout the years, Dave was constantly 
improving his products. Before his death,
we were priviledged to have been able to work 
with Dave on many of his product improvements
and discoveries.  In the time since his passing,
we have continued to devote many hours to the 
continued improvement of the products that 
Dave developed. 
	Although, Dave's Portland store on Canyon Road has closed, we are now selling the latest custom 
manufactured single driver speakers, subwoofers, and modified components from our new soundroom in 
Gresham, Oregon. We invite Dave's old customers and newcomers to visit us online or at our Gresham location. 
Feel free to call for an appointment.

Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative

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