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Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative Introduces New Speaker Models


Unique Design and Construction:

Utilizing an extremely fast 6.5-inch modified single driver we achieve excellent transient response and imaging, while capturing a fuller midrange and mid-base sound than earlier 5.25 inch predecessors. Single-cone technology allows for wider dispersion and stage width than previous dual-cone predecessors were capable of. This crossoverless driver creates a large musical presentation and picture, while retaining superb spatial location and clarity. All models now made with lighter, but even more acoustically non-resonant recycled natural composite. Previously, we relied upon an extremely dense (and very heavy), non-resonant, imported mineral composite to give our reference speakers a very quick and powerful, yet musical sound. For two years we have searched for a material and finish that would achieve this same level of transparency and power, but be lighter to ship, as well as more pleasing to the eye. We are happy to announce that our search is over. In fact, the new material has better acoustical qualities than our previous very heavy mineral composite. The new cabinet material is a lighter, but extremely acoustically non-resonant. It gives the speakers an even more life-like, transparent quality, while having better mid-bass response and presence. The highs extend further, therefore giving better location, clarity, and more "air" and space to the sound.

Read the comments by Robert Harley of the Absolute Sound from the Rocky Mountain Audiofest



Talk to a Real Knowledgeable Person

Many people find it preferable before purchasing audio equipment to talk to an actual person who has knowledge on the product, as well knowledge on speaker design, numerous characteristics of different brands of audio equipment and doesn't just tell them that "it all sounds the same." Talk to the person who does our modifications and custom builds our speakers directly. Call Sean at Contact Number. You can also make an appointment to receive a call at the time and number of your choosing either by phone or email.

Creation 650K Speakers

The Speaker cabinet is comprised of a hybrid box that is made up of a very acoustically non-resonant, natural composite on the inside and more denser composite on the outside. This uniquely designed and manufactured speaker combines a warm smooth richness with clarity, definition, and dynamic power. With the new hyrbrid box design, there is yet another level of transparency and immediacy. These speakers are coated with a deep, lustrous conversion varnish finish (also available in matte black finish). This superior cabinet design results in a powerful, life-like presentation of both music and home theater alike.

Dimensions: 12 in / 8.5 in / 8.5 in

Retail Price: $975 plus shipping and handling

Creation 650T Speakers

Being the veneer cabinet version of the Creation 650K speakers, the Creation 650T offers identical transparency, richness and immediacy, while being finished in attractive cherry or rosewood veneers.

Dimensions: 12 in / 8.5 in / 8.5 in

Retail Price: $975 with plus shipping and handling

Creation 650D Speakers

Manufactured with a natural fiber dense composite, these speakers are finished in a more basic matte Cherry veneer style. Having punch and quickness, they are excellent speakers for music and home theater applications, especially for the price; and have many of the same sound qualities as their upper level cousins.

Dimensions: 12 in / 8.5 in / 8.5 in

Retail price: $650 plus shipping and handling


(Circular Speaker Grills Included)

Item Sales and Clearance Models

See our sales page for some of our current sales and clearance models.

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