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LC-1800 Tripp Lite Power Conditioner Modification


Because AC voltage (electricity) through power lines is noisy and "dirty," musical subtleties are masked and higher frequency harmonies are changed or lost. Any lights or appliances turned on adds noise. Switches add noise Background EMF will add noise, mainly clicks and pops.

The LC-1800 filters radio frequencies and the "background noise." The music becomes clearer, now able to standout from the background noise since this noise from the line is greatly lessened. You are able to hear a lot more. Besides improving the clarity, the music takes on a smoother, more natural presentation.


The LC-1800 protects equipment plugged into the device against low AC voltage (Brownouts) and high voltage surges which can damage transformers and power supply parts in your electronic components. As the voltage varies, the output to electronic equipment is kept constant. The modified LC-1800 will improve the audio and video bandwidth, minimize background noise, stabilize voltage, improve multidimensional effects to the sound stage, improve the sound and picture from DVD players, and even improve the color and picture quality of televisions.

Most power conditioners reduce the high frequency response. The modified LC-1800 extends and focuses the high frequency response and improves harmonics.

I personally tried for a few days, a Panamax Surge Protector with line conditioning before I bought the modified LC-1800, just for a comparison, to see if the Panamax piece would provide results that were in the same ballpark ( It was also cheaper than the LC-1800). Though the music did sound smoother with the Panamax, and there was an effect on the music, Dave's modified LC-1800 was completely and noticeably superior to it in not only smoothness, but also in silencing background noise, providing increased clarity and detail to the music, with improved focus. I returned the Panamax piece and bought the modified LC-1800.

(Feel free to find units at a cheaper price if you can find them or send your own in to be modified.
Prices on stock units are subject to change based on distributor/online pricing and availability. )

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Stock LC-1800 Tripp Lite Power Conditioner

$150.99 plus $170 for the Modification with FREE Shipping in Continental USA

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