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Modified LC-1800 Power Conditioner

The basic job of the LC-1800 is to filter, stabilize, and maintain a constant output voltage to the attached equipment. Filtering has to be utilized to reduce R.F. (Radio Frequencies) and noise. When Noise is present in the AC line voltage, it will mask musical subtleties and change higher frequency harmonics. By filtering these musical subtleties and change higher frequency harmonics. By filtering these ”background noises” the music is clearer and the musical structure is preserved. The other benefit to the LC-1800 is its voltage protection. The LC-1800 utilizes the transformer with multiple input taps; as the input AC voltage varies, the output is kept constant by sensing the voltage change and automatically changing the taps on the transformer. The LC-1800 also protects against “brownouts” (low AC voltage) and high voltage surges, which can damage transformers and power, supply parts in your electronic components.

The main reason for using the LC-1800 is for the protection of the equipment plugged into the device. With the upgrades made to the modified LC-1800, it not only protects your electronic components from high and low voltage variations, it also protects from high voltage surges (spikes.) The modified LC-1800 will improve the audio and video bandwidth, minimize background noise, stabilize voltages, improve multi-dimensional aspects to the sound stage, and even improve the color and picture quality of televisions.

Be sure to borrow a modified LC-1800 so you can hear and see the improvement. The Improvement will surprise you, because most people really don’t understand just how much unwanted interference and voltage variations exist on the AC line voltage coming into our homes. I recommend you borrow the modified LC-1800 to evaluate its capabilities and the level of improvement you will receive at your home, after all it is your audio and video system.


Dave Herren, Owner

Innovative Audio Products

Portland, Oregon

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