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Oppo BDP-105 and BDP-103 Modifications


And now for something totally different (Note: This ad is for the modification of the Oppo units BDP-105 and BDP-103. The price listed does not include the original price for the unmodified player itself).

In the words of The Absolute Sound’s Robert Harley, we are a “small, but passionate” (TAS #229, Feb 2007) audio company in Gresham, Oregon (near Portland). We make our own custom-made, crossoverless single-driver speakers (that really work), subwoofers, interconnects, and speaker cables. We have also been modifying audio components of different makes and models for nearly a decade. We specialize in Pioneer players and receivers, Harman Kardon receivers and amplifiers, and Sony players.

We have developed a new, innovative method to modify audio and video equipment. My late boss, Dave Herren, a well-known modifier in the Northwest, had previously worked on modifying equipment by replacing capacitors that ran through certain key signal paths, thereby improving electron flow and allowing the machines to have much better fidelity in both audio and video. Our new proprietary modification is simpler yet more thorough at the same time. Our process improves the functioning and efficiency of all the capacitors and other electronic components of the modified unit, affecting not only specific signal paths but improving electron flow throughout the entire machine. This modification can turn simple, less expensive pieces of audio equipment into pieces that rival others costing thousands more.

We recently came across positive reviews of both the Oppo Digital BDP-103 and BDP-105 Blu-ray players. According to the reviews, both players had received substantial upgrades from their previous models. The particular mention of an analog filter piqued our interest, as well as the toroidal transformer in the upper-level player. We decided to see how much our modification could improve these players.

Out of the box, both units sounded quite digital, thin on the top and generally lean, with a rather truncated bass floor. The video on the BDP-105 was pretty stunning (which incorporates Marvell's Kyoto-G2H video processor with the latest generation Qdeo™ technology) but had some room for improvement. The BDP-103, however, was rather flat looking with a lack of detail and three-dimensionality. This was rather puzzling, as both players reportedly run the same video processor. But based on what we read (and our own experience), these Oppo players require an extended break-in period. After breaking in both players over a number of days, the sound and video did improve: both players had a less digital flavor, less lean character, and lower bass floor. But even though the players’ deficiencies were less pronounced, they were still noticeably present. We felt our modification could remedy these shortcomings to a large degree.

These pieces required their own unique, special modification compared to other units we had previously modified. After modification, the sound and video performance of both players improved significantly. The BDP-103 obtained a smoother, more analog sound and a lower bass floor. It was more detailed with better location and was less thin and bright. The black levels and contrast of the video also improved, making it much less flat.

The modification to the BDP-105 resulted in more substantial, darker, and deeper bass. The presentation had a larger, wider sound stage and much improved location. The tone was more musical, more live, and vastly less digital sounding. The video also gained detail and more vivid color tone, while still maintaining its black level and contrast. Some settings had to be changed in order to adapt to these modifications in the audio and video.

We have never had a modified piece returned from an unsatisfied customer. Our regular modification price is $375 for these Oppo units, which includes shipping in the continental US. The modifications to the Oppo Digital BDP-103 and BDP-105 turn a highly reviewed stock machine into a much more satisfying piece that competes quite favorably with pieces costing much more.


Oppo BDP-105

Oppo BDP-103

Price for the stock Oppo BDP-105: $1,199.

Price for the stock Oppo BDP-103: $499

Modifications also available for the Oppo BDP-105D and Oppo BDP-103D

(Feel free to find units at a cheaper price if you can find them or send your own in to be modified.
Prices on stock units are subject to change based on distributor/online pricing and availability. )

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