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As explained briefly in another section (Evolution of Design), we have developed a new, innovative way to modify audio and video equipment. Dave had previously worked on modifying the machines by replacing capacitors that ran through certain key signal paths in the machines, thereby, improving the electron flow, allowing the machines to have much better fidelity in audio and video alike. Our proprietary modification is much more simple, but yet more thorough at the same time. It involves a process by which we improve the functioning and efficiency of all the capacitors and other electronic components of the modified unit, affecting not only specific signal paths, but also improving the electron flow, functioning and performance of the entire machine. This improved proprietary modification can turn simple, less expensive pieces of audio equipment into pieces that rival others costing thousands more.


How to Purchase a Modified Unit

There are two ways to purchase a modified unit. You can either have us purchase the factory unit and ship it back to you when it is modified or you can send in your own unit to be modified. It typically takes 3-5 business days to modify a unit once it reaches us. We try whenever we can to buy locally, as it speeds up turnaround time to for the customer, but often online prices can be significantly cheaper on certain units. If this is the case, it often takes 5-7 days for the factory unit ordered online to reach us. The customer is always welcome to send in any unit they find at a cheaper price or to send in their own unmodified factory unit. The customer must be aware, though, that stock units not bought through an authorized online pioneer dealer (such as some online sites) are not covered under Pioneer Elite's warranty. We purchase our units from authorized Pioneer Dealers exclusively. Our modified units are still covered under the original factory warranty.


Talk to a Real Knowledgeable Person

Many people find it preferable before purchasing audio equipment to talk to an actual person who has knowledge on the product, as well knowledge on speaker design, numerous characteristics of different brands of audio equipment and doesn't just tell them that "it all sounds the same." Talk to the person who does our modifications and custom builds our speakers directly. Call Sean at Contact Number. You can also make an appointment to receive a call at the time and number of your choosing either by phone or email. .


What Brands Do we Modify?

We do have a preference towards Samsung Blu-ray players, Pioneer Elite DVD players and Harman Kardon receivers. We will modify various models of Samsung Blu-ray players, Pioneer DVD players and Harman Kardon receivers. But we can modify other brands such from Marantz, Yamaha, Music Fidelity, etc.


Harman Kardon AVR Receiver Modifications
Tripplite Line conditioner LC-1800
Harman Kardon HK 990
Speaker Modifications

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